10 PACK -Dual BT/PABX Telephone Extension Socket -IDC Secondary-Wall Plate 5/3A

10 PACK -Dual BT/PABX Telephone Extension Socket -IDC Secondary-Wall Plate 5/3A

10 PACK -Dual BT/PABX Telephone Extension Socket -IDC Secondary-Wall Plate 5/3A

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2 Port BT Wall Extension Socket - 5/3A

IDC punch down terminals & instructions for easy installation. 

Extension socket size is 86mm x 86mm (fits a standard back box) and is supplied with fixing screws.

PLEASE NOTE – This listing is for 10x wall plates, multiple views may be shown in the picture above.

Used for - This BT extension socket should be connected to either a master socket or another extension socket, it cannot be used as a master socket (a master socket connects to the main cable entering a property from a telephone operator). The surface mounted faceplate can be fitted to a wall using the supplied back box & fixing screws, just like an aerial socket or power outlet. This wall plate has 2x outlets allowing to you to connect 2 phones to this extension socket (both would connect to the same telephone line). You can even connect 2x extension sockets to this one if necessary. 

How to fit - A cable should be run from the master socket or another extension socket to this socket. On the newer NTE5A master sockets there is a removable front panel where there is 3 IDC terminals, a cable can be attached using an IDC tool. The extension socket should be wired to the master socket in the following format; terminal 2 to 2, 3 to 3 and 5 to 5. If you have an older master socket, the wiring is still the same however a BT connector should be crimped onto the extension cable and this should be plugged into the front of your master socket. If you still need to use your master socket locally, you will need to purchase a BT splitter adapter. The following are all available in our shop; Telephone cable, IDC tools, BT Adapters, BT Crimper, BT Connectors. The same can be applied to the other line that runs into the building.

Can be surface or flush mounted
Screw terminal points
Fixing screws supplied

Standards - ROHS Compliant


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