Shop/Restaurant Wireless Background Music Kit – 120W Mixer Amp & 15x Speakers

 Shop/Restaurant Wireless Background Music Kit – 120W Mixer Amp & 15x Speakers

Shop/Restaurant Wireless Background Music Kit – 120W Mixer Amp & 15x Speakers

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Professional 120W Bluetooth Amplifier & 15x 6W Ceiling Speaker Kit

Perfect for bars, restaurants, clubs, pubs, hotels, function rooms and more…

What’s Included? 

1x 120W 5 Channel 100V Bluetooth Amplifier
15x 6W 100V White Ceiling Speakers 
1x UK mains power cable
1x Instruction manual

PLEASE NOTE – As the name suggests, 100 Volt (100V) systems can carry up to 100 Volts through the cables towards the connected speakers. Because of this, double insulated speaker cable or 2 core flex power cable MUST be installed that can handle the required current, standard speaker cable is NOT suitable. Double insulated cable can be found in our shop if you require it, please get in touch for more details. 

Overview Amplifier: 

Designed to be installed in a bar, restaurant or pub environment, this kit allows you to play music through the 15x 6W ceiling speakers. Perfect for background music during service or for playing music throughout the day through an office or warehouse. 
This amplifier has a built-in Bluetooth receiver allowing you to connect any devices you have with Bluetooth (a smart phone with Spotify or a CD Player for example) wired/wirelessly. This is brilliant for keeping the amplifier hidden away in a cupboard. Your device would not need line of sight to play music through the connected speakers. Perfect for at home, in the office or shop and even for use in professional installs.

The amplifier also has 2 Line inputs, 2 microphone inputs & 2x microphone / Line Combo inputs. This allows you to connect a variety of devices to this amplifier all at the same time without having to unplug wires and constantly switch from one device to another. 

There are Bass & Treble controls, volume controls for all inputs and a master volume control. This is perfect if you want to incorporate a microphone, you can simply turn the music volume down, turn the microphone volume up and communicate with your audience without interrupting the music too much. 

This amplifier is extremely capable for its cost and can be installed & used easily by a professional or amateur alike. 

Overview Ceiling Mounted Speakers:

Ideal for background music, these compact, slim line speakers have a quick fit mounting system built-in. They produce a warm and clear sound perfect for background music and speech.

This particular amplifier runs on 100V at 120 Watts (120W), the supplied speakers have a max power of 6W, meaning that all 15 speakers will take 90W of the 120W that the amplifier has available. You should never exceed 90% of what the amplifier can handle (108W) to ensure the amp has a long life.

Construction – With nearly all of the speaker constructed from metal, including the flush grille, these speakers are long lasting and can be painted in order to match your interior design / décor. Most speakers on the market will have a cloth grille which is difficult to keep clean and painting onto cloth can affect sound quality… two things that are essential in a bar/restaurant business. 

The speakers are easy to fit and require a cut-out of 165mm (diameter).

Technical Specification:


5 selectable line inputs
2x – 2 RCA/Phono (red & white) inputs
2x – 6.35mm Mic/Line inputs
1x XLR 3 pin balanced input 

Screw terminal 100V & low impedance speaker outputs 
2 RCA/Phono (red & white) Output

MIC 1 volume control
MIC/LINE 2 volume control
MIC/LINE 3 volume control
LINE 4 volume control
LN5/USB volume control
Bass EQ control
Treble EQ control
Master volume control
VU meter LEDs
External D.C. power option
2U 19" rack mountable


Power Supply – 230V AC, 50Hz or 24V DC screw terminals
Power output RMS per channel at 8 Ohms 60W
Equalizer: Bass/Treble - 100Hz ±10dB / 10kHz ±10dB
Phantom power - +20V (MIC 1)
THD - <1.0%
Dimensions – 433mm x 89mm x 320mm (WxHxD)
Weight – 8.36KG

Ceiling Speakers

Woofer- 135mm (5.25")

Dispersion angle- 155°

Frequency response- 110Hz - 13kHz

Power RMS - 100V line- 6W

Cut-out - 165mmØ

Mounting depth- 57mm

SPL @ 1W/1m- 90dB (±3dB)

Tappings- 1.5, 3, 6W

Material- Metal

Dimensions- 60 x 197mmØ

Weight- 638g

Useful Information

Speaker cable – As the name suggests, 100V systems can carry up to 100V’s through the cables towards the connected speakers. Because of this, you would need to install a double insulated speaker cable or 2 core flex power cable. Double insulated cable can be found in our shop if you need it. 

Wiring the speakers – Unlike normal Hi-Fi installations, 100V speakers can be daisy chained from one speaker to another and so on. This is great as you only need 1 cable to run out of the amp as opposed to a cable running back to the amplifier for each speaker. 

Simply run a length of cable from the amplifier to your first speaker. From those same speaker points, attach another length of cable and run to the next speaker, repeat this for all of the speakers in the set up. 

Alternatively, you can wire half this way and have the other half running from a separate cable from the amplifier. The great thing about this system is how versatile it is with regards to its wiring.

Peace of Mind
 - Tested to CE and RoHS standards

If you require any other accessories such as source cables or just some advice on how this system works, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly technical team.


If this all seems a litle too technical for you, then why not get in touch with us...

We’re always happy to help and offer advice. 

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