120W Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Kit -Black- Wireless Portable Rechargeable Music

120W Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Kit -Black- Wireless Portable Rechargeable Music

120W Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Kit -Black- Wireless Portable Rechargeable Music

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120W Bluetooth Speaker Kit – 2x 60W Bluetooth Speakers

What’s Included? 

120W Bluetooth Speaker Kit
USB Charging Cable
AUX 3.5mm Audio Cable
Instruction Manual

Available in the following Grille colours: 


Overview – There are many Bluetooth speakers on the market, some are incredibly cheap and others are frankly overpriced. With our range of premium Bluetooth speakers, we believe we have found the perfect middle ground. Each speaker offers impressive levels of volume, great sound quality and style for a very reasonable price. 

This speaker can be purchased in a variety of grille colours, is incredibly durable & boasts a fantastic 4 hour battery life. When the unit runs out of power, simply recharge it using the supplied cable and you’re ready to go again. 

Connecting this to your Bluetooth device is quick and easy. Simply turn on this unit and it will show up as an available device. Then turn the Bluetooth function on your device on (phone/tablet) and connect to the speaker. You are now paired, and you can stream music, skip tracks & adjust volume using your device. 

You can then connect this speaker to the other one that is supplied. The intelligent software inside these speakers then separates the left and right channels from your audio source and splits them between each speaker. To put this simply, one speaker will play a right feed and the other will play the left resulting in a True Stereo sound that is only found on higher end amplifiers ensuring a brilliant sound. However, each speaker has dual 30W tweeters (60W total per speaker) meaning they can actually play in true stereo on their own. Adding another one simply ensures a much better sound distribution for larger rooms or parties.

In summary, this is perfect around the house as a portable speaker, in a bathroom / shower room or as a gift for any student / traveller. It boasts a genuinely impressive level of sound quality and volume levels that others just cannot achieve.

Technical Specification: 

RMS Power – 20W 
Peak Power – 60W (30W per cone)
Sensitivity – 60dB
Power Consumption – 5V @ 2000mA
2000 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
4 Hour Playback Battery life on a full charge
No password is required for Bluetooth Pairing
Fabric Grille
USB Charging Port
AUX – 3.5mm audio input (cable supplied)
Built-in Microphone so phone calls can be made / received
Stereo Speaker – Supports True Wireless Stereo (when 2 paired together)
Bluetooth Version – 4.2
Impedance – 4Ohm 
IPX4 Rated – Suitable around pools / showers but not to be directly submerged


If this all seems a litle too technical for you, then why not get in touch with us...

We’re always happy to help and offer advice. 

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