110W Stereo Amplifier System Kit–2x Waterproof Bathroom/Kitchen Ceiling Speakers

110W Stereo Amplifier System Kit–2x Waterproof Bathroom/Kitchen Ceiling Speakers

110W Stereo Amplifier System Kit–2x Waterproof Bathroom/Kitchen Ceiling Speakers

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110W Stereo Amplifier Kit

What’s Included? 

1x 110W Stereo Amplifier
2x 80W 5” Water Resistant Ceiling Speakers
25M – Quality 1.5mm Speaker Cable


Stereo & Karaoke amplifiers are most commonly found in setup’s around the home and in simple installs
such as offices, boardrooms and small shops when only one source device is needed to play on 2 or 4 speakers. An extra pair of speakers can be purchased and used with this system if required. If this is something you need, please get in touch.

Our kit is supplied with 2x 5” water resistant (IP35 rated) ceiling speakers and 25 metres of 1.5mm quality speaker cable. Due to the speakers being only water resistant and not full waterproof, they should not be submerged or sprayed. A drop or splash of water will cause no damage making our system perfect for a kitchen and/or bathroom install.

Amplifier Features:
4 selectable line inputs
3x – 2 RCA/Phono (red & white) inputs
1x – 3.5mm AUX jack

2x – Spring terminals / speaker cable (red & black) outputs
Sleek and compact design
Durable metal body with breathable air vents built in
UK power cable supplied

Equipped with bass, treble, echo, tone, mic volume and master volume controls. This amplifier is very capable for its cost and be used easliy by a professional or amateur alike. 

Technical information:

Power Supply – 230V AC, 50Hz
Power output max per channel at 4 Ohms - 50W (per side)
Power output per channel at 4 Ohms - 35W (per side)
Power output Max per channel at 8 Ohms - 40W (per side)
Power output RMS per channel at 8 Ohms 25W (per side)
Dimensions – 200mm x 65mm x 200mm (WxHxD)
Weight – 1700g

Ceiling Speakers:
2-Way Speakers
Max Power – 80w
Power RMS – 35w
Frequency Response – 100Hz-20kHz
Impedance – 8 ohms

Speaker Cable:
Blue line for polarity - easy connectivity (transparent outer insulation)
99 Strands with a 0.14mm diameter per core
Area per core = 1.5mm² (AWG 16 Approx)
CCA (copper clad aluminium) 
Outer diameter per core 3.1mm 
Width of 2 cores combined 6.5mm (can be easily stripped apart)

Further Information: 

Full UK technical help with all amplifier kit purchases so if you have any questions about how to install this system, please feel free to contact us. We also stock the following products which you may be interested in:

Banana Plugs

Interconnect Cables (2 RCA cables, 3.5mm cables and 3.5mm to 2 RCA cables)

Rack Mount Data Cabinets 

Please search our shop or get in touch if you need any help.


If this all seems a litle too technical for you, then why not get in touch with us...

We’re always happy to help and offer advice. 

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