100V 240W 4 Zone Mixer Amplifier–8Ohm Speaker Splitter–Rack Mount USB FM Tuner

100V 240W 4 Zone Mixer Amplifier–8Ohm Speaker Splitter–Rack Mount USB FM Tuner

100V 240W 4 Zone Mixer Amplifier–8Ohm Speaker Splitter–Rack Mount USB FM Tuner

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240W 100V Mixer Amplifier 

PLEASE NOTE – If you plan to use as part of a 100V line system, make sure the speakers you are using do not take more 75% of the power limit of the amplifier. For example, if an amplifier was rated to 100W, your speakers should not take more than a total of 75W combined.


Our range of high quality amplifiers (with an integral mixer in a 2U rack housing) can power either 100V line system speaker or low impedance. Commonly used in commercial installations, our high quality mixer amplifiers have been generously equipped with a number of features such as 5 input channels with switchable phantom power and vox override, a USB/SD card audio player, base & treble EQ and master volume control. You also have the option to rack mount the amplifier if required.


5 selectable line inputs
2x – 2 RCA/Phono (red & white) inputs
2x – 6.35mm Mic/Line inputs
1x XLR 3 pin balanced input 

Screw terminal low impedance speaker outputs (8Ohm and Common)
2 RCA/Phono (red & white) Output
Screw terminal 100V speaker outputs

Dip switches for phantom power and vox override
MIC 1 volume control
MIC/LINE 2 volume control
MIC/LINE 3 volume control
LINE 4 volume control
LN5/USB volume control
Bass EQ control
Treble EQ control
Master volume control
VU meter LEDs
External D.C. power option
Supplied with rack-mount ears
2U 19" rack mountable
FM Tuner built in 
4 Zones (100V line only)
4 Zone speaker switches on the front panel

Technical information:

Power Supply – 230V AC, 50Hz or 24V DC screw terminals
Power output RMS per channel at 8 Ohms 240W
Equalizer: Bass/Treble - 100Hz ±10dB / 10kHz ±10dB
Phantom power - +20V (
MIC 1)
THD - <1.0%

Dimensions – 433mm x 89mm x 320mm (WxHxD)
Weight – 9.62KG

Further Information – How to install: 

We also stock the following products that you may need for a stereo set-up: 

Speaker Cable
Banana Plugs
Interconnect Cables (2 RCA cables, 3.5mm cables and 3.5mm to 2 RCA cables)

Rack Mount Data Cabinets 

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