Reel / Cut Cable - Speaker Cable, Coaxial Cable, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a 

Our reeled cable is supplied by the reel or can usually be cut down to a required size. No connectors are fitted to the cable and these can be bought separately please just see our website.If you require crimping tools or soldering irons, we also supply these. Give us a call if you need help. 

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Yellow 500m Conduit Switchgear Cable -1mm² 6A-Copper Single Core Wire 17AWG DEF

500m Equipment Switchgear Cable Yellow END OF LINE STOCK – BRAND NEW & SEALED – BARGAIN..


£1.30 Per METRE -QUALITY OFC Coaxial RG6 Cable- RCA Aerial Coax Audio Satellite

LOOPS® CO9001 Series RG6 Coaxial CableThis coaxial cable is sold by the metre and there is a f..