100M Quality 0.75mm 19 AWG Speaker Cable -OFC Oxygen Free Copper- Wire Reel Loud

100M Quality 0.75mm 19 AWG Speaker Cable -OFC Oxygen Free Copper- Wire Reel Loud

100M Quality 0.75mm 19 AWG Speaker Cable -OFC Oxygen Free Copper- Wire Reel Loud

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100 Metres of high performance speaker cable.

What can it be used for?

You may use speaker cable to attach your amplifier to your speakers



Polarity Marked - For Easy Connectivity
66 Strands with a 0.12mm diameter per core.
Area per core = 0.75mm² (AWG 19 Approx)
Oxygen Free Copper


A speaker cable is subject to high currents and voltages (completely different to signals that interconnect cables have to deal with) and therefore has to be designed properly in order to prevent the signal being lost or distorted. Speaker cable is the last line in the chain before the sound is produced, therefore it is essential the whole signal is transferred intact as you cannot recover it later. This speaker cable has tight winding of the high purity oxygen free copper conductors and low contamination dielectric plastic (insulation). The intention of better quality speaker cable is to give the signal room to breathe so the signal can pass freely through the cable.

Depending on the power of your amp, you may require thicker speaker cable (higher contact area). We stock a wide range of speaker cable so please view our shop, if you require help, then please give us a call. An amplifier is constantly outputting power, in order for it to do this efficiently with less resistance, speaker cable that matches your system should be used. A good analogy is water flowing into a watering can and then out of a spout. If the spout is too small water will build up, however if a large spout is used water can flow freely. Good practices such as not cutting or breaking any of the individual strands when stripping speaker cable help to increase performance.

How to Use Speaker cable should be inserted into amplifiers and speakers, then secured. The polarity also needs to be checked, this is where the positive and positive are connected together and the negative and negative are connected together. If you are unsure, technical support can be given free of charge.



If this all seems a litle too technical for you, then why not get in touch with us...

We’re always happy to help and offer advice. 

Available in;

50m and 100m lengths

The maximum length of a single piece of cable is 100 metres due to the reel lengths.



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