100m 4-way/2 Pair Alarm Cable -Shielded/Screened Copper CCTV Access Control PIR

100m 4-way/2 Pair Alarm Cable -Shielded/Screened Copper CCTV Access Control PIR

100m 4-way/2 Pair Alarm Cable -Shielded/Screened Copper CCTV Access Control PIR

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100m Metre 4-way/2 Pair Alarm Cable – Tinned Copper & Shielded

PLEASE NOTE - The 50m & 25m variants in our range are hand cut to length and are not likely to be supplied on a reel.

Voltage drop should be taken into consideration before installing to ensure suitability particularly if you are going over a long distance at a high current. Sometimes techniques such as doubling/tripling up the cores are used to achieve greater distances.

Uses  Commonly used in security/CCTV & Access control installations. Alarm cable can be used in a wide variety of applications such as; connecting to PIR sensors, door/window contacts, linking control panels together and much more.  Our quality stranded cable has tinned copper cores and a durable, yet flexible PVC outer insulation making it ideal for any low voltage installations.

Core Colours:



Shielded Cable – This quality cable has an aluminium foil shield wrapped around all of its cores. This greatly cuts down on the chance of any external interference. A very common cause of interference occurs when cables are installed alongside or nearby power cables. If you cannot avoid power cables when installing alarm cable, it is recommended that shielded cable is used.


Technical Specification:


No. of Cores: 4
Number of strands per core: 7

Conductor Area CSA (per core): 0.22mm²

Diameter Per Core - 0.2mm

Outer Diameter of Cable: 4mm

Conductor Material: Tinned copper (high grade)

Current Rating: 1A

Max Working Voltage: 50V RMS
Resistance: 98.7 Ohms / KM

PVC Jacket Colour: White
PVC Thickness: 0.5mm

All of our alarm cables are available in the following length: 

100m, 50m & 25m. Please search our shop or get in touch for more details.


If this all seems a litle too technical for you, then why not get in touch with us...

We’re always happy to help and offer advice. 

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