Outdoor Bluetooth Black Speaker Kit - SMART HOME Karaoke/Stereo Amp Garden BBQ

Outdoor Bluetooth Black Speaker Kit - SMART HOME Karaoke/Stereo Amp Garden BBQ

Outdoor Bluetooth Black Speaker Kit - SMART HOME Karaoke/Stereo Amp Garden BBQ

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SMART HOME Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Kit

Perfect for Garden Parties, BBQs, Beer Gardens, Decking Areas, The front or rear of work premises, outdoor sections of Restaurants, Smoking areas and much more

**Contact us after ordering if you would prefer white speakers. 

PLEASE NOTE - The contents of each kit is listed on the kits image above.

Overview Amp: 

Stereo & Karaoke amplifiers are most commonly found in setup’s around the home and in simple installs when one source device is needed to play on 2 to 4 speakers at any one time. Our compact, high quality and versatile stereo amplifiers are extremely simple to install and very easy to use on a daily basis.

This amplifier has a built in Bluetooth receiver allowing you to connect any devices you have with Bluetooth (a smart phone with Spotify for example) wirelessly. This is brilliant for keeping the amplifier hidden away in a cupboard. Your device would not need line of sight to play music through the connected speakers. Perfect for at home, in the office or shop and even for use in professional installs. 

Equipped with bass, treble, echo, tone, mic volume and master volume controls. This amplifier is very capable for its cost and be used easily by a professional or amateur alike. 

PLEASE NOTE – This amplifier is not outdoor rated so it would have be kept safe from the elements. This could be installed within an outdoor rated box as the amplifier is very compact. You will have to remain within 10m of the amplifier in order to transmit a Bluetooth signal. 

Overview Outdoor Speakers: 

2-way compact speakers with weatherproof moulded cabinets, making them ideal for gardens, outdoor shelters, health club spa areas and marine applications.

Construction – Housed in a rugged ABS plastic casing with a subtle, yet durable mesh grille, these speakers will look stylish & discrete in most environments. Each enclosure contains a high quality 1” quality polymer tweeter (double the size of most on the market) and a 3” surround woofer to produce a great sound for such a compact speaker. 

Fitting – There is an adjustable mounting bracket on the back of each speaker allowing you to securely position each speaker where it needs to be.

PLEASE NOTE – Exposure to direct splashes of water and heavy rainfall should try to be avoided to improve speaker life. These speakers are ideal when sheltered from the extremes that the elements have to offer (like in a beer garden or outdoor shelter/decking area).

Technical Specification:


6 selectable line inputs
1x – Bluetooth receiver (wireless)
2x – 2 RCA/Phono (red & white) inputs
1x – 3.5mm AUX jack
1x – USB media input
1x – SD Card media input

2x 6.35mm Microphone inputs - Allows you to use as a loud hailer / public speaking / singing System
1x FM Antenna Connections
2x – spring terminal / speaker cable (red & black) outputs
Built-in FM receiver
Sleek and compact design
Durable metal body with breathable air vents built in.
UK mains power cable supplied

Power Supply – 230V AC, 50Hz
Power output max per channel at 4 Ohms - 55W (per side)
Power output per channel at 4 Ohms - 35W (per side)
Power output Max per channel at 8 Ohms - 40W (per side)
Power output RMS per channel at 8 Ohms - 25W (per side)
Dimensions – 200mm x 65mm x 200mm (WxHxD)
Weight – 1700g

Outdoor Speakers

Water resistant PP cone main driver
Rotary selector switch for 100V line tappings or 8 ohms operation (always select 8 Ohm).
Weatherproofed IP54
1M hard-wired speaker cable attached to the rear of the unit
Mounting bracket included
Optional mounting by M6 screw sockets
Available in white or black finish
100V tappings 1.5W, 3W, 6W 
Power RMS (8 Ohms) 30W, Max 60W

Double Insulated Outdoor Speaker Cable

48 Strands with a 0.2mm diameter per core. 
Area per core = 1.5mm² 
Oxygen Free Copper conductors for the best quality signal 
Petroleum Gel Filled
External Diameter of 8.5mm (Total)
UV Resistant & thick outer sheath makes this cable rated for outdoor use.

1 Input to 5 Output Stereo Speaker Splitter Box

How it works - By connecting an amplifier to the splitter box you can distribute the sound up to 5 sets of stereo speakers. You can switch individual sets of stereo speakers on and off and you can use headphones via the 6.35mm output on the front of the splitter box.

General - This box has a metal outer case, rubber feet on the bottom and because the build quality is excellent, it is robust and durable. The dimensions are 260mm x 120mm x 54mm

Further Information: 

All parts of this kit are sold separately, and we stock different Bluetooth kits. Please search our shop or get in touch if you require a custom kit.


If this all seems a litle too technical for you, then why not get in touch with us...

We’re always happy to help and offer advice. 

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