Bluetooth Ceiling Music Kit -Mini Amp & 4 Low Profile Speakers-Stereo HiFi Sound

Bluetooth Ceiling Music Kit -Mini Amp & 4 Low Profile Speakers-Stereo HiFi Sound

Bluetooth Ceiling Music Kit -Mini Amp & 4 Low Profile Speakers-Stereo HiFi Sound

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Quality Bluetooth Amplifier with Mini Ceiling Speakers Kit

What’s Included? 

1x 30W Bluetooth HiFi Amplifier
4x (2 Pairs) 20W Quality Low Profile Mini Ceiling Speakers
30m Quality Speaker Cable
1x UK mains power cable
1x Instruction manual

Simply put, this kit allows you to send music wirelessly to the supplied mini amplifier which then feeds high quality audio through the supplied cable into the 4 mini ceiling speakers… The amplifier has 2 outputs, 1 for the left channel and 1 for the right channel. All you need to do is connect 2 speakers to the left channel and 2 to the right channel. This is called wiring in parallel and it’s well within the amplifier’s tolerances. Please see below for more details.

Overview Amplifier: 

Stereo & Karaoke amplifiers are most commonly found in setup’s around the home when one source device is needed to play on only a couple of speakers such as a bathroom, kitchen or bedroom for example. Our compact, high quality and versatile stereo amplifiers are extremely simple to install and can be installed in the ceiling where the speakers are installed so nothing is on show. This amplifier has been designed to be installed in such a location, so it is completely safe to do so.

This amplifier has a built-in Bluetooth receiver allowing you to connect any devices you have with Bluetooth (a smart phone with Spotify or a TV for example) wirelessly. This is brilliant for keeping the amplifier hidden away in a cupboard or ceiling. Your device would not need line of sight to play music through the connected speakers. Perfect for at home, in the office or shop and even for use in professional installs.

The amplifier is has a line input meaning you can connect devices to this that don’t have Bluetooth (TV for example). It also has a line Output. This makes our little amplifier extremely versatile as multiple kits can be daisy chained together to play the same thing at the same time across multiple rooms / zones. 

A Bluetooth pairing password is not required to connect this amplifier to your devices. This makes our kit compatible with SMART HOME devices such as the Amazon Echo & Google Home to name a couple…

Overview Speakers:

A 2-way ceiling speaker which is ideal for use as a background or surround sound speaker in the wall or ceiling. The concentric directional tweeter allows the higher frequencies to be focused at the listener to help create a better soundstage. This is a high-quality ceiling speaker that produces consistent and quality sound.

The speaker is only 10cm in Diameter and sits almost flush to the ceiling with a flat, sleek grille. They truly produce an impressive sound for their size and they look great once installed (which Is also easy).

Technical Specification


Bluetooth Version 4.0 - Distance 10m Minimum
Does not require a pin code to sync to other devices
Depth (mm): 41
Height (mm): 27
Width (mm): 120
Net weight: 60g
Frequency Response (Hz): 80-18000
Power Input: 12V
Power RMS (W) @ 4 Ohms: 2 x 15
Impedance: 4-8OHMS
Line in / Line Out / Speaker Output Connections – Euroblock Screw terminals

Power supply – UK 3 pin plug
Input voltage – 100-240V AC
Output voltage – 12V DC @ 2000 mA


Cut-out in Ceiling/Wall Required – 90mm

Efficient two-way crossover Gold-Plated Spring Terminals
Flared Baffle for wide dispersion
Extremely low profile for a sleek and contemporary look
Supplied with 3 Way “Dog Ear Mounts” for easy mounting.  

Woofer Size – 75mm (3”) diameter 
Frequency Response – 200Hz-20kHz
Impedance – 8Ohms
RMS Power 10W
MAX Power 20W

Mounting Depth – 57mm
Dimensions – 57mm x 100mm

Weight – 0.35kg


If this all seems a litle too technical for you, then why not get in touch with us...

We’re always happy to help and offer advice. 

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