Audio & Video Devices - AV Converter, Switches, Matrix Switch, Splitters & Baluns

Our AV equipment focuses on connectivity between 2 or more devices. We supply converters that change one type of signal into another for connecting devices with different output sockets. We also offer equipment for splitting HDMI signals, as well as HDMI matrix switchers which route input signals seamlessly to any of the outputs. If you are doing an install or simply don't know what you need, please get in touch and we'll do our best to offer advice.

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8x8 HDMI Matrix HDBT Lite Kit -1080P 4K- IR Routing-Distribution Switch Box Base

HDMI 8x8 Matrix HDBaseT Lite KitRequires Quality CAT5e Cable or Higher (CAT6)Why Buy This Sy..


Active DI Box - 6.35mm ¼ Input XLR Output- Direct Interface/Injection Audio Link

Active DI BoxUsed for - This active DI box is used for connecting high impedance ..


AV Composite + Audio 3 RCA To CAT5 Extender Device Balun 120m - Long Phono

3 RCA Female Audio + Video CAT5 ExtenderPerfect for long distance signal transmission, that wou..


Compact HDMI to VGA Converter–Laptop/PC to TV Adapter Dongle 15 Pin Video Input

Compact HDMI to VGA Converter - Up to 1080PWhat does it do?This compact converter will allow..


Digital Coaxial 1 RCA To Optical Audio Cable Converter -Adapter Coax SPDIF Sound

Digital Coaxial to Optical Audio ConverterWhat does it do?The “Coaxial (RCA) to Optical Conve..


Digital Coaxial/Optical To 2 RCA/Phono Sound bar Converter Adapter SPDIF Cable

Digital Coaxial or Optical to 2 RCA Analogue Audio ConverterDAC - Digital to Analogue Convert..


Digital Optical To Coaxial 1 RCA Audio Cable Converter - Adapter Coax SPDIF 5.1

Digital Optical to Coaxial Audio ConverterWhat does it do?The “Optical to Coaxial (RCA) Conve..


HDMI & IR Control Over CAT5e/CAT6 Extender/Sender Balun Kit -Full HD @ 30m- RJ45

HDMI CAT5 + IR Extender1080P @ 50M Lengths480P @ 100M LengthsPerfect for long distance signal..


HDMI & IR Over Cat5e/Cat6 Cable Extender Wall Face Plate Balun -50m Full HD & 3D

HDMI Over Single CAT5e/CAT6 Wall Plates & IR ExtenderOur HDMI wall plate kit comes with a..


HDMI Aerial Cable Extender Balun -Run Over Single 100m Coaxial-IR Control 1080p

Run up to 100m in 1080p and still have IR controlWhat’s included?1 x HDMI over Coaxial Transmit..


HDMI Extender Balun - Over Single 1 CAT5e/CAT6 - 1080P @ 50M- Long Cable To RJ45

HDMI Over Single CAT5/CAT6 ExtenderCAT61080P @ 50M Lengths1080I/720P @ 60M Lengths480P @ 70M L..


HDMI HDBT Extender IR Kit –Full HD 4K Over Single CAT6 Cable– POE TV Sender Base

HDMI HDBaseT Extender – IR & POESend Ultra HD (4K), Full HD (1080p) & 3D signals over a..


HDMI Input to VGA & Audio Output Converter -Full HD PC/Laptop to Monitor Adapter

HDMI High Speed to VGA & 2 RCA Audio Converter - Up to 1080P What does it do? Simply put..


HDMI Modulator – Full HD over RF Coaxial Extender/Splitter- Sky Virgin Freeview

HDMI Modulator – HDMI over Coaxial Cable ExtenderWhat does the unit do? Simply put, this unit ..


HDMI Over CAT5e/CAT6 Extender/Sender Balun Kit -1080P @ 30m- Long Cable Run RJ45

HDMI CAT5 ExtenderView our video by clicking here. 1080P @ 30M Lengths480P @ 60M LengthsPerfect..


HDMI to Component & Audio Converter–5 RCA/Phono YPbPr RGB TV/DVD Projector 1080P

HDMI to 5 RCA Component/Audio ConverterOverview:Our HDMI to 5 RCA component converter box allow..


HDMI to VGA & 3.5mm Audio Cable Converter -Up to 1080P- TV Projector Adapter

HDMI to VGA & 3.5mm Audio Converter - Up to 1080P What does it do? Powered by the includ..


LOOPS HDMI Cable 5 Way Manual Switch Box Selector Hub

If you are planning to use this product with a Amstrad Sky HD box and it is the model number b..


LOOPS® HDMI 3 Port/Way Switch Box - 1080P/3D - Source Selector Splitter Hub

If you are planning to use this product with a Amstrad Sky HD box and it is the model number be..


Micro HDMI Type D to VGA & 3.5mm Audio Cable Converter-1080P/UXGA Kindle Tablet

Micro HDMI Type D to VGA & 3.5mm Audio Converter - Up to 1080PWhat does it do?Powered by..


Optical Cable Switch-3 Input 1 Output -TOSlink SPDIF-Audio Splitter Junction Box

3 Way Optical Switch3 Inputs with 1 Output - The switch is commonly used to connect 3 pieces o..


Pair BNC Baluns -Up to 600m- CCTV Composite Video Signal to Cat5e Cable Extender

BNC Composite Video Signal CAT5 Extender Balun - CCTVOverviewPerfect for long dist..


Pre-Amplifier -6.35mm Microphone/Phono to Stereo RCA -Preamp Turntable Amp -BT26

B-Tech BT26Stereo Pre-Amplifier - Low to High Line Level Converter Used for - This affordabl..


Pre-Amplifier for Turntables –Phono/RCA Stereo Preamp Line Level Volume Booster

Stereo Pre-Amplifier - Low to Line (High) Level Converter Used for - This affordable, high-qu..


RGB Component & Audio Over Single CAT5/6 Extender/Sender Bulun - 120m RCA Phono

Component CAT5 ExtenderPerfect for long distance signal transmission, that would be otherwise n..


SCART/Composite to HDMI Cable Converter -up to 720p HD- TV/DVD Projector Adapter

Scart to HDMI Converter - Fixed 720P Output What does it do? Simply put, the 'scart to HDMI ..


USB Input to HDMI Output Cable Converter Box - Laptop or PC to TV Video Adapter

USB to HDMI ConverterThis clever box allows users to utilise a free USB port to create an HD..


USB to VGA Extended Display Graphics Card Converter Adapter - Second PC Monitor

USB to VGA (SVGA) ConverterAdd an additional monitor to your PC/LaptopThis cle..


VGA & 2 RCA Audio To HDMI Converter 1080P - Cable Adapter Device Laptop/PC to TV

VGA (SVGA) & Audio to HDMI Converter What does it do? Simply put, the 'VGA + Audio to HDM..


VGA Over CAT5e/CAT6 Cable Extender Balun Kit - 130m Ethernet - Laptop Projector

VGA CAT5 ExtenderVGA cables are commonly used to connect video signal from a PC or laptop to a ..


Wireless HDMI IR Extender & Splitter –Full HD Over Powerline Cable– Mains Sender

HDMI Over Mains Power Lead Extender – With IRSend up to Full HD (1080p) signals wirelessly @ 30..