Wireless AV - Audio Visual Transmitter & Reciever 

Using a wireless AV transmitter and receiver kit, its possible to transmit the output of an AV device, such as a DVD player, Blu-Ray, Satellite Receiver or games console to a screen elsewhere in the house, up to 100m away, using lightning-fast 2.4Ghz wireless technology. The units connect to the back of your device and your TV using the included SCART (also RCA compatible) connectors, and to a mains power outlet with the included 9v power supplies. Infra-Red eyes attach to the transmitter and are affixed to the front of your TV, relaying the IR signal, enabling you to use your standard remote control to control your AV devices from your second TV. There are 4 switchable frequencies, allowing several of these devices to be used in the same home without interfering with one another.


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