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If you need to connect several SCART devices to your TV, and you're low on sockets, we have a number of different SCART switches to suit your needs. They're able to accommodate 2, 3, or 4 inputs from your SCART devices, and carry the related audio. From the basic, 2-input, manually switched unit, to the automatically switched unit, with 4 inputs, and parallel audio inputs and outputs. The switch units feature nickel plated connectors, and oxygen free copper conductors to ensure the best quality of signal across the cable as well as cable strain relief to allow bending into awkward spaces, while ensuring the longest life span possible.


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4x4 3RCA Matrix Switch/Splitter–Composite/AV Phono Multi-Room Distribution DVD

4 Input 4 Output RCA Matrix Switch (Red, White & Yellow Phono) What does it doOur '4 in 4 ..