4x4 1080P HDMI Matrix Kit-Sky Multi Room TV Distribution-Output 30m IR Extender

4x4 1080P HDMI Matrix Kit-Sky Multi Room TV Distribution-Output 30m IR Extender

4x4 1080P HDMI Matrix Kit-Sky Multi Room TV Distribution-Output 30m IR Extender

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HDMI Routing True Matrix - 4 Inputs / 4 Outputs 

Suitable for Full HD - 1080P 

View our video by clicking here. 

Please note, the video includes an older model but it is installed and works the same way 

Quick Overview

This bundle includes our full matrix kit (top picture - also sold separately) and all cable, connectors, tools and HDMI extenders to professionally install this system without needing to purchase anything else. 

Our 4x4 HDMI matrix should be located in a central location with all of your source devices. Use the included CAT6 cable and run 2-3 lengths to each location where a display device (HDTV or projector) is required. 
One length of the cable would be used for the HDMI signal and the 2nd length of cable would be used to extend the IR signal. The matrix then allows 4 HDMI sources to be independently switched and their functions controlled via IR at up to 4 HDMI enabled display devices. The four outputs can show the same or different sources at the same time. The matrix is plug and play and is therefore suitable for DIY installers, electricians, TV aerial installers & AV installers.

What's included?

1 x HDMI Matrix (4 in, 4 out) - 1 x Power cable, 1 Master Remote

1x IR system - 4x IR receiver cables (at the TV) - 2x dual emitter cables (controls up to 4 devices and the matrix) - 1x piece of 3A terminal block - this allows you to attach the IR receiver cables to the second run of CAT6 without having to do any soldering.

4 x HDMI Over Single Cat5e/Cat6 Extenders (50m range - 1080P Max)

1x 305m reel – Pure Copper Cat6 Cable.

10x Cat6/RJ45 Connectors.

1x RJ45 Crimp Tool.

What are the benefits?

A true Matrix can display any of the input devices (Blu-Ray player, PS3 etc) on any screen, at any time making it extremely versatile. A switch or splitter could never achieve this outcome.

1. Reduces cable clutter
2. You only need to buy 1 type of HD device instead of having to buy multiple devices for each room.
3. Less equipment is on show.
4. Simple plug and play operation


1. Manual Selection - The input can be manually selected by using the ‘source selection buttons’ on the front of the splitter box.

4. HDMI - 2.25GBps 1080P/3D & Supports deep colour

5. HDCP Compliant

PLEASE NOTE – If you wish to send 3D signals, please contact us before purchasing as the extender baluns are not compatible with 3D.

How to Install:

HDMI - Run a short HDMI cable from your HDMI device (SKY for example) into one of the inputs of the matrix. Then run another short cable from one of the outputs on the matrix into the sender unit of the supplied HDMI over CAT6 extenders. Then run a length of CAT6 from the sender unit to the receiver unit in your display (TV in bedroom for example). Finally run a final short HDMI lead from the HDMI receiver unit into your HD display (TV). You can now repeat this for the other inputs and outputs.

IR - PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IR SYSTEM WILL CLASH WHEN MORE THAN ONE SOURCE DEVICE OF THE SAME TYPE ARE CONNECTED TO THIS MATRIX (FOR EXAMPLE... IF 2 SKY BOXES ARE CONNECTED, FIRING A REMOTE AT A TV WILL CHANGE BOTH SKY BOXES AT THE SAME TIME)... If you require a system that can cope with multiple devices of the same type, please get in touch about our HDBT units with built in IR-Routing.

Connect the dual emitter cables into the emitter ports on the front of the IR hub and place an emitter eye in front of the IR point on each of your source devices (you may have to play around with the position of these eyes to find the sweet spot of each device you have). 

Now select any the orange, blue and green cores of the CAT6 cable used for the IR feed.

Connect the orange core into the  +12VDC screw terminal point on the hub
Connect the blue core into the GND Ring 
screw terminal point on the hub
Connect the green core into the Singal Tip screw terminal point on the hub

At the other end of this CAT6 Cable (TV end) connect those same 3 cores only to the supplied terminal block. You must now attach the IR receiver cable to the other side of this terminal block to create a connection. Remove the 3.5mm connection using a pair of snips, and strip back the 3 cores of the receiver cable. 

Connect the Black wire of the receiver to the orange core of the CAT6 
Connect the Red wire of the receiver to the blue core of the CAT6 
Connect the white wire of the receiver to the green core of the CAT6 

Once you have done this for all of the receiver cables, simply run all of the orange cores of the CAT6 into the +12VDC screw terminal on the hub in parallel and repeat for the other screw terminals on the hub.

Additional information and FAQ’s

If you are interested in this product but you aren't sure if this is quite what you need, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be more than happy to talk you through this system. We also sell HDBT units and a great range of HDMI cables which you may also need.


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