3 Port/Way HDMI Cable Switch Box -Manual TV Source Selector Hub Full HD Combiner

3 Port/Way HDMI Cable Switch Box -Manual TV Source Selector Hub Full HD Combiner

3 Port/Way HDMI Cable Switch Box -Manual TV Source Selector Hub Full HD Combiner

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If you are planning to use this product with a Amstrad Sky HD box and it is the model number below, this HDMI switch is not compatible. The model number and manufacturer can be found on screen within the 'technical details' page on your Sky HD box:

Amstrad - Model Number - DRX890 & DRX895

The switch works with all other makes and models of Sky HD box.

HDMI Switch - 3 Inputs / 1 Output

The Loops HDMI switch is a great buy for anyone running out of HDMI sockets on their TV, or simply wanting to clean up the clutter behind their entertainment centre.

Simultaneously connect 3 HD devices to 1 input and easily switch between them.

1) Manually switch with the button on the side.
2) Reduces cable clutter
3) Simple plug and play operation
4) Power source not required as the switch is powered via the HDMI cable
5) Compact design (60mm x 60mm x 20mm).

3 Inputs with 1 Simple Output - You can attach up to 3 HD devices to the box and only have one HDMI lead to connect to your TV. 

Manual Selection  - The input device can be manually selected by using the 'source selection' button. The packaging for this product may state that this switch is automatic, this is a mistake and the switch is not automatic.

Speed -  It is capable of streaming Full HD 1080p resolution video as well as the latest HD audio formats. Compatible with current standards such as Deep Colour, Lip Sync and xvYCC to perform, as well as being HDCP and DVI compatible.

3D - This product is compatible with 1080P resolution in 3D

Connectors - The connectors used are type A. Type A is the most commonly used connector and is used in Sky HD Boxes, PS3s and most HD ready plasma and LCD televisions.

Technical Info - The Loops switch box has been designed to make the signal journey as smooth and short as possible. The Loops switch box equalizes and amplifies to ensure no loss of signal transmission when using long cables (up to 20 metres). 

Standards - HDMI ATC compliance-tested, ROHS, CE


If this all seems a litle too technical for you, then why not get in touch with us...

We’re always happy to help and offer advice. 


Also works with many other products.


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