100x PRO Outdoor RG6 F-Type Male Hex Crimp Connector Plug –Aerial/Coax CT100 Sky

100x PRO Outdoor RG6 F-Type Male Hex Crimp Connector Plug –Aerial/Coax CT100 Sky

100x PRO Outdoor RG6 F-Type Male Hex Crimp Connector Plug –Aerial/Coax CT100 Sky

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PACK OF 100 

F-Type Male Hex Crimp Connector – 1 Piece & Outdoor Rated

PLEASE NOTE - Due to this connector having a diameter of 10.5mm, you will require a crimp tool that has a minium jaw size of 9.5mm. We sell 2 different types so please be sure to purchase the correct one. If you have any doubts on which one tool would be most suitable, please get in touch.

Overview - This connector can be crimped on to a suitable cable with a crimp tool to provide a high quality connection to F-Connector equipment. If you would like help on how to crimp, please get in touch. It is very easy to do and we stock a professional grade crimp tool in our shop. 

Suitable for the following cable;

RG6, CT100/WF100 and any other similar sized coaxial cables.

If you don't know what type of coaxial cable you have, this connector will crimp to coaxial cable with an outer diameter of 7mm approx.

How to install:

First, you will need to cut the cable leaving only the central core exposed, this can be done with a cable stripper but if you are confident with a pair of snips / a stanley knife, this will also do the job.

You can now insert one of our connectors over the top of the prepared cable. There is a rubber/plastic “O” ring inside of the connector that will go around the outer PVC layer of your cable. A metal ring inside of the connector will go under this outer layer of PVC making contact with the braid (shield) beneath. You should also ensure that you have stripped enough of the cable for the copper conductor to poke out of the top of the connector, this can be trimmed at a later stage if it is too long but around 10mm will be sufficient.

The rubber “O” ring will create an outdoor rated seal for the cable when crimped.

You can now insert this connector into an appropriate crimping tool.

Excellent Standard of Manufacture  Precision manufactured with high quality components.

Easy to crimp – Unlike most crimp connectors, this connector is in 1 piece and doesn’t require separate parts to be crimped separately.


If this all seems a litle too technical for you, then why not get in touch with us...

We’re always happy to help and offer advice. 

You may also like to look at our coaxial cable, search through our shop.


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