100M RG59u Twin Coaxial Shotgun Cable -Pure Copper & Foam- Satellite Dish SKY HD

100M RG59u Twin Coaxial Shotgun Cable -Pure Copper & Foam- Satellite Dish SKY HD

100M RG59u Twin Coaxial Shotgun Cable -Pure Copper & Foam- Satellite Dish SKY HD

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100 Metres Twin Coaxial Cable - Foam Filled & Pure Copper - 2 x 5mm

Overview - Ideal for running from a dish/LNB to all Sky Plus/HD boxes or Freesat boxes. Once the cable is run, simply terminate it with 'F connectors', also available in our shop. As this cable is pure copper, it is suitable for long distance runs as the signal quality/strength will be maintained.

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Colour - black

Technical Specification;

Twin coaxial cable, the inner conductor is bare copper, this is surrounded by a foam dielectric, the dielectric is covered in a copper foil and braid.

CSA - 2 x 0.33mm²
Conductor diameter - 2 x 0.65mmØ
Conductor Material - Copper
Braid - 2 x 48 x 0.14mmØ
Braid/Foil Material - Copper 
Cable diameter - 2 x 5mmØ
Dielectric - 2 x 4.60mmØ Foam P.E.
Impedance - 75 ohms
Velocity factor - 0.83
Return loss 5-400MHz - 30dB min.
Return loss 450-1000MHz - 22dB min.
Return loss 1000-2150MHz - 18dB min.

Attenuation @ 50MHz, dB/100m - 6.5dB max.
Attenuation @ 100MHz, dB/100m - 8.9dB max.
Attenuation @ 200MHz, dB/100m - 12.3dB max.
Attenuation @ 400MHz, dB/100m - 17.6dB max.
Attenuation @ 1000MHz, dB/100m - 26.9dB max.
Attenuation @ 1750MHz, dB/100m - 35.7B max
Attenuation @ 2150MHz, dB/100m - 42.2dB max

How to use -
When this cable is being attached to Fonnectors, the cable should be stripped, the earth wrapped around the PVC jacket and inserted carefully into the connector ensuring a good connection is made.

We also supply a wall plates that can be used with this cable, please look through our shop.
If you require help, technical support can be given free of charge.



If this all seems a litle too technical for you, then why not get in touch with us...

We’re always happy to help and offer advice. 

Available in the following lengths;

25m, 50m, 100m

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