S-Video Adapters, Splitter Cable & Couplers - S-Video to RCA Connectors

S-Video, also referred to as Y/C, is one of the most common video connectors, found on laptops, projectors, PCs and games consoles. Our range of adapters, will allow you to connect an S-Video device to another using RCA connectors. Our splitters will allow you to send an S-Video signal to two sources at once, and our S-video couplers will enable you to chain more than one cable together to extend your reach. Note that S-Video carries video only, so audio would need to be carried by a separate cable. Should you need audio, please contact us and we would be happy to find a solution that suits your needs.

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S-Video 1 Male To 2 Female Y Splitter Cable Adapter

0.1 Metre S-Video Male to 2 x S-Video Female Splitter Cable What it does - This 'S-Video Split..


S-Video Coupler Adapter- 4 Pin Mini Din Wall/Panel To Female Plate/Chassis Mount

S-Video 4 Pin Socket to Socket (Female to Female) Connector/AdapterThis listing is for one ad..