Digital Optical Adapters - SPDIF Toslink Splitters, Couplers

Optical fibre cables are a way of transmitting and receiving data between digital equipment, such as DVD, DAT and MiniDisc players, while avoiding much of the interference and noise susceptibility that can often be experienced when using analogue equipment. The digital signals are transmitted via the TOSLINK standard and can be used between any devices that have the appropriate optical connection. Should you need to divide, divert or extend your signal, our range of splitters and couplers will have what you need.

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2 Port/Way Optical Audio Cable Splitter Adapter –Digital SPDIF TOSLINK Amplifier

Optical Female to 2 x Optical Female Splitter AdapterThis listing is for one adapter only, fr..


3.5mm Optical Male to TOSlink/SPDIF Female Adapter –Digital Audio Converter Plug

3.5mm Optical Plug to Standard Optical Socket AdapterThis listing is for one..


Optical Female to Socket Coupler Adapter - SPDIF/TOSlink Joiner Barrel Extension

Optical Female to Optical Female Coupler Adapter (SPDIF TOSlink)This listing is for one adapt..


Optical Right Angled/90 Degree Cable Swivel Adapter–Soundbar Audio SPDIF TOSLINK

Optical Plug to Socket Right Angled AdapterOverview - Commonly used to allow optical cables to..