-10db XLR In-Line Balanced Attenuator Adapter - Volume/Noise Reduction Audio

-10db XLR In-Line Balanced Attenuator Adapter - Volume/Noise Reduction Audio

-10db XLR In-Line Balanced Attenuator Adapter - Volume/Noise Reduction Audio

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Balanced In-Line XLR Attenuator -10dB (600ohm)

This listing is for one attenuator only, front and rear views shown. Multiple quantities can be purchased if required.

How it works - If you experience problems trying to finely tune the volume on your amplifier, the chances are that the input into your amplifier is too high. The symptom is relatively easy to spot as you will notice that the volume is loud enough when the dial on your amplifier is in the position, but is too loud when the dial has reached the position. It is therefore almost impossible to finely control the volume.  


This problem is otherwise known as 'excess gain' (which causes your sound to be too high at lower settings).  Our XLR attenuator uses precision resistors to reduce the excess.


How to use -  The XLR attenuator should be plugged into the input on your integrated amp or pre/power amp.  Depending on which decibel attenuator you have chosen, (the more excess gain the higher the decibel needed),  the volume range on the dial will be increased from two to five hours from where it was before, i.e. broadening the previous range (9 to 10 o'clock) to 9 - 2 o'clock, thus giving greater control over the volume.


Designed specifically for high end systems with excess gain.  


Decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit of measurement that expresses the magnitude of a physical quantity, usually power or intensity. We offer the XLR attenuator in -10dB, -15dB and -20dB

Why Buy? -  To have greater control over the volume of your system thus enabling you to have the perfect volume level.  To make the most of your systems potential.

Potentiometers may seem like a viable solution, however they are often unreliable and can cause problems with the sound when being turned up and down. The problem lies in excess gain and not volume control, this is why you should purchase our XLR attenuator. It will not compromise sound quality and is much more effective than making major modifications to your equipment. 

Oxygen free Copper Conductors - To increase signal quality across the attenuator.



If this all seems a litle too technical for you, then why not get in touch with us...

We’re always happy to help and offer advice. 

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