0.2m - DVI-I Male to VGA & DVI-A Female Socket Splitter - Y Adapter Cable/lead

0.2m - DVI-I Male to VGA & DVI-A Female Socket Splitter - Y Adapter Cable/lead

0.2m - DVI-I Male to VGA & DVI-A Female Socket Splitter - Y Adapter Cable/lead

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0.2m DVI-I Male to VGA & DVI-I Female Socket Splitter Adapter Cable

How to use – The DVI-I male end of the cable is plugged into the source e.g. PC or laptop, to allow a video image to be display on 2 monitors/TVs. A VGA cable and DVI cable are then used to connect the two female ends of the splitter to two video outputs, e.g. two TVs, or a TV and a monitor etc. This allows an video source to be played on two outputs, either in separate rooms or both in the same room.

Please note - Not all DVI sockets are the same, there are different versions; DVI-I, DVI-D, DVI-A, the male side of our adapter will only plug into DVI-I socket. Even though this product has a DVI-I socket (on the split side), it will not be suitable for DVI-D (digital) signals when the VGA port is in use too. This is why we have listed it as a DVI-A port in our title. You must also ensure that both your monitors can display the same resolution. For example if you are hoping to run one of the monitors at 1920x1080, you must ensure that your other monitor can support this too.

Compatibility – Our splitter is suitable for high reolsutions and is comptaible with SVGA. It is not an active splitter meaning it does not require power, however, we would recommend not using cables longer than 10 metres in length on each female connector as the analogue signal strength will deteriorate, particularly at higher resolutions.

Locking screw connectors – Ensuring the splitter cannot be accidentally disconnected and may be hung from a source without fear of the cable becoming loose.

Screened cable (shielded) - This prevents interference and reduces noise and crosstalk from other sources that may be situated around the cable.

Cable strain relief to protect the cable - Enables the cable to be bent in a multitude of directions without breaking.

Gold plated connectors – For a high quality signal.
Conductor - OFC
Connector 1 - DVI-I 24+5p Male
Connector 2 - DVI-I 24+5p Female + VGA Female
Outer Material - PVC


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