Active Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Kit – 50W Wireless HiFi Audio Streaming System

Active Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Kit – 50W Wireless HiFi Audio Streaming System

Active Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Kit – 50W Wireless HiFi Audio Streaming System

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1x Pair – Active Bluetooth Low Profile Ceiling Speakers

Kit Contents: 

1x Active Bluetooth Speaker
1x Passive Speaker
1x 12V DC UK Mains Power Supply (1m Length)
1x 3m Speaker Cable (joins active and passive speakers together)
1x Ceiling Cut-Out Templates


Our Active Bluetooth ceiling speaker kit is incredibly simple to install and offers unrivalled sound quality & style for its price. This system boasts a genuinely impressive maximum volume of 50W and delivers a high level of bass for a ceiling speaker, resulting in a crystal clear & complete audio experience.

Thanks to the system being Active, you do not need an amplifier to power them. One of the speakers has a built-in amplifier & Bluetooth receiver. Once powered up using the supplied power cable, you can stream music to the pair of speakers wirelessly via Bluetooth from your Smartphone or Tablet for example. All features such as controlling volume or skipping tracks ETC are controlled from your device, it couldn’t be simpler!

Thanks to the Bluetooth receiver being compatible with our SMART HOME range, you can connect this to the Amazon Echo / Google Home as our system is NOT password protected for pairing. Don’t worry, once connected you cannot be thrown off by another user.

Installing the speakers:

This is as simple as installing any other ceiling speaker, simply cut-out 2 holes in your ceiling for the speakers, a guide template is supplied to make marking the holes as easy as possible.

The next thing you need to do is ensure that you have a mains power source in the ceiling so that you can plug our power supply into it. After that, feed the supplied 3m speaker cable from the first hole you have cut out to the second hole you have cut out. If you need a longer length of cable, please get in touch as we can supply you with this but as a general rule, you don’t want the speakers to be too far apart. 

The final step is to fit the speakers to the ceiling and connect the two speakers together via the pre-installed cable. No soldering or crimping is required, just a screwdriver. When you have inserted the speakers into the ceiling, simply tighten the screws connected to the dog-ear mounts, as you tighten, they will grip to the ceiling guaranteeing a sturdy installation. Don’t worry if that didn’t make sense, an illustrated instruction manual is supplied to help you.

A lot of speakers on the market can look bulky & cumbersome but once installed, our speakers sit almost flush to the ceiling and the magnetic frameless grille has an extremely low profile. The fine mesh grilles can be removed easily for cleaning & repainting, should you need them to match your décor.

Additional Features: 

Each active speaker has a 2 RCA line input and a 2 RCA line output. The line input enables you to connect our system to a device that is not compatible Bluetooth like some TV’s for example. The great thing about this is that you could have our system permanently connected to your TV and when you want to play some music, simply connect via Bluetooth as mentioned above & stream your music. When you are done, disconnect your Bluetooth device and the speaker system will automatically go back to the device that is plugged into the line input. 

The line output on the other hand transforms this kit into a multi room speaker system. You can send a cable from the line output on our system and daisy chain it to another one of our systems. Simply put, you can connect multiple kits together and play the same thing at the same time without the use of an amplifier or speaker zoning switches. If you would like multiple systems, we do stock various kits. Please search our shop or get in touch! 

Dual Audio Bluetooth – Newer android devices are installed with a Bluetooth feature called “Dual Audio”. Without going into this too much, this feature, allows you to connect to 2 Bluetooth systems from 1 device at the same time. For example, you could stream music via Bluetooth to 2 separate systems at the same time and disable them at any time should you wish. This is perfect if you want to listen to music in your Kitchen & not the living room or play through both the kitchen & the living room if you are having a party. The options are endless, but it is only limited to certain Android devices. Always check before buying if you want to use this feature. 

Technical Specification:

Power supply   -   In-line 100-240VAC/12VDC PSU (included)

Output power: max.   -   2 x 25W

Output power: RMS   -   2 x 20W

LF driver   -   165mmØ (6.5") rubber edge PP cone

HF driver   -   12mm (0.5") neodymium dome tweeter

Frequency response   -   70Hz - 20kHz

Sensitivity   -   89dB

Dispersion angle   -   160­°

Housing material   -   ABS plastic

Mounting depth   -   100mm (active), 80mm (passive)

Cutout   -   202mmØ (each speaker)

Impedance   -   4 Ohms (each speaker)

Dimensions   -   98 x 234mmØ (active), 77 x 234mmØ (passive)

Weight (per set)   -   1.91kg

If you require any technical advice or would just like a chat with our technical department to see if this would be the right kit for you, please feel free to get in touch. 


If this all seems a litle too technical for you, then why not get in touch with us...

We’re always happy to help and offer advice. 

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