Electrical/Cable Test Devices

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8 Way Coaxial Cable Mapper Finder -Tracker Tracer Toner- CCTV Aerial F Connector

8 Way Coaxial Cable Mapper (F Connectors) - Professional Installer KitContinuity Test & Ton..


BNC & RJ45 CAT5/CAT6 Network Cable Tester -LAN Ethernet Wiring Crossover Checker

BNC and Network Cable TesterAllows you to quickly establish whether an RJ45 or BNC cable is fa..


Digital Pen Type Multimeter Probe-Voltage Tester Detect Continuity Battery Audio

Pen Type Digital Multimeter with Non-Contact Voltage Detector    A multimeter is a 'must have'..


LED UK Plug Socket Tester – Live Neutral Earth Wiring Checker –Power 240V AC 13A

UK Plug Socket Tester – LED light display PLEASE NOTE – This listing is for 1 tester only, mu..


Toner & Probe -Cable/Wire Wall Finder Tracker Tracer- BT, Coaxial - BNC Aerial

Tone Generator & Probe Receiver Professional KitContinuity or Tone Generator SettingOvervi..


Voltage/Live AC Detector Tester Pen & Torch -Non Contact- Detect Cable/Wire Main

Non-Contact Voltage Pen with Flashlight Uses – Mainly used to detect voltage from 240V main..