100m Dual IR Beam Set - Infrared Perimeter Security - External Outdoor Alarm

100m Dual IR Beam Set - Infrared Perimeter Security - External Outdoor Alarm

100m Dual IR Beam Set - Infrared Perimeter Security - External Outdoor Alarm

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100m Dual IR Beam Set - Transmitter & Receiver


Our Dual beam set can be used with any alarm system or CCTV DVR featuring alarm inputs. Our kit, unlike many on the market has normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO) outputs so can be suited to your requirements. The receiver unit features the alarm outputs. The dual beam featured on both the transmitter and receiver ensures that there are less false alarms. As well as this, our units feature 'response time', making them less or more sensitive depending on their application. We recommend mounting them around 1m off the ground to make them animal friendly too. 

If you want both the units to be powered from the same power supply, we recommend 4 core alarm cable minimum between the units, the cores can then be doubled up for voltage drop if required. The distance you are going over will determine what gauge of cable you require, 2 core outdoor rated power cable may be better depending on distance. Apart from this, the transmitter and receiver units do not need to be connected together (wire free). The transmitter and receiver will function fine if they both have their own power supply. Type 'universal DC power supply' into our shop to find a suitable supply. 

Multiple units can be used in a line if you need to control a large area, they have to be offset from one another, more details are in the instructions. 

Voltage drop needs to be accounted for over longer distances, a minimum of 
0.5mm² cable should be used for 300m runs or less. Standard alarm cable normally features 0.22mm² cores so the cores should be doubled on longer distances.  


Direction Adjustment - 180

° Horizontal, 20° Vertical

Alarm Outputs - Normally Closed (NC) & Normally Open (NO). The terminals are rated to 0.5A, AC/DC up to 30V if you wanted to use them to power something else. 

Installation Advice - Do not install on a flexible pole or where either transmitter/receiver can be easily knocked. Where there are trees or other possible obstructions or in direct sunlight.

Mounting - Supplied with back plate & brackets for secure mounting to 38mm-50mm (1.5" to 2") poles. Can also be mounted directly on to a flat surface (wall). Supplied with silicone seals which can be re-fitted after mounting to prevent water ingress. As our units features horizontal adjustment, it does not matter if the transmitter and receiver are pointing at each other as they can be adjusted internally. 

Frost & Fog - Our units feature 'ultrasonic wave' to prevent false alarms

Dimensions - 170mm x 80mm

Power - DC 10.5V to 18V (70mA Max)

Response Speed - 50-700msec

Made From - ABS Resin

Weight - 300 Gram Each


If this all seems a litle too technical for you, then why not get in touch with us...

We’re always happy to help and offer advice. 

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