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Mains Travel Plug To 12V Cigarette Charger Adapter 1000ma

Mains Travel Plug To 12V Cigarette Charger Adapter 1000ma
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Overview and uses

UK Mains Plug to 12V Cigarette Lighter Socket - 1000mA - Converter/Transformer PSU

Important note, devices that draw a large current such as cool boxes are not likely to be suitable for use with this power adapter. Please make sure you check the amp requirement of the device you plan to use with this power adapter before purchasing to check its suitability.

Technical Spec:

230V ac, 50/60Hz Input Voltage
12v DC Output Voltage
12w Max Power
1000mA Max Output

Overview - This device allows you to connect a 12v car cigarette lighter plug to a standard UK mains outlet, allowing you to charge or run devices intended for use in the car. Some of these devices can only be powered by a 12v cigarette lighter adapter. While convenient on the move, it can be a pain when you need to charge or power such devices indoors.

For Instance, many Sat-Navs run solely on the cigarette lighter socket for power, and running one indoors is not possible should you need to plan a journey in advance. To prevent having to sit in your car with the engine running to plan your journey, simply plug the lighter connector into the back of this unit, then plug the adapter into the mains.

Have you ever left your mobile phone charger at home when heading away on a trip, then, found yourself sitting in the hotel car park trying to charge your mobile phone? By carrying one of these adapters in the car as a backup, you’ll be able to take the car charger into your room, and run it off the standard mains socket.

Features – A Standard UK 3 pin plug, for connection to any UK mains socket.

Dimensions & Weight:

80 x 58 x 52mm
Weight – 222g

Standards - CE Compliant

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Mains Travel Plug To 12V Cigarette Charger Adapter 1000ma   Mains Travel Plug To 12V Cigarette Charger Adapter 1000ma


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