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HDMI Cable High Speed With Ethernet - 1080P, 3D, 4K

HDMI Cable High Speed With Ethernet - 1080P, 3D, 4K
Product Code: hdmi-tc2

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Overview and uses

Information - For further help on HDMI cables, please view our guide.

High Speed HDMI Cable With Ethernet


Following on from our What HiFi award winning HDMI cable, this is our newest premium cable, it has been manufactured to the highest standards using good quality materials to achieve the best signal transfer possible. The cable transfers data at speeds of a minimum of 10.2GB/s across all lengths (higher on the shorter lengths). This cable is suitable for 4K, 3D and audio return. It also has an additional channel for ethernet which allows both devices which are connected to the HDMI cable to access to the internet, even if only one of them is physically connected to the internet via wi-fi or an RJ45 cable. Commonly used with devices such as HDTV, PS3, XBOX 360, Projectors and Blu-Ray Players.


Lengths of 0.15m, 0.3m, 0.5m & 1.5m
will be supplied in an orange colour (picture on right)
Lengths of 3m, 5m & 10m will be supplied in a purple colour (picture on left)


High Speed HDMI Cable/Lead
HDMI Ethernet Channel

Suitable for 1080P, 3D & 4x2K resolutions
HDCP Compatible (High Definition Content Protection)
Test Centre Certified

Technical Specification

26AWG 99.99% Oxygen Free Pure Copper Conductors On The Purple Cable. 
99.99% Oxygen Free Pure Copper Conductors On The Orange Cable. 
Gas Injected Dielectric Material
Large Contact Area Connectors - Double Moulded & Gold Plated
Cable strain relief & nylon braiding around the cable for added protection.
High density triple shielding - the braid shielding also has a high coverage for EMI & RFI rejection.

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