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HDMI Splitter/Switch - 2 Input 8 Output/Port Distribution Box

HDMI Splitter/Switch - 2 Input 8 Output/Port Distribution Box
Product Code: LPSR0208

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Overview and uses


Active HDMI Switch & Splitter - 2 Inputs / 8 Outputs

What does it do?

Simply put, the Loops 2 in 8 out HDMI switch & splitter box allows the user to connect up to 2 HD devices such as a Blu Ray player, PS3, XBox 360 etc. and show what they are playing on up to 8 TVs, projectors or other HDMI enabled display device.

How do you use it?

After you connect the 1 or 2 HD devices to the box, you can switch between them in order to output what they are playing to as few as 1 TV, projector or other HDMI display device or as many as 8!

1) Reduces cable clutter 2) Cables up to 15 metres can be used with each port 3) Simple plug and play operation 4) Power source, instruction booklet, infrared eye and remote control supplied

Manual Selection - The input device can be manually selected by using the 'source selection' button on the front of the splitter box.

Infrared/remote control and eye - The input device can also be selected using the remote control supplied with the splitter box. If the splitter box is hidden away from view, i.e. inside a cabinet, the infrared eye can be plugged in and positioned in a suitable position for receiving information from the remote control, allowing you to control the splitter box.

Version 1.3B - Yes, you read that right, the Loops switch & splitter uses version 1.3B, the highest specification currently available, meaning that it is ultra fast. It is capable of streaming Full HD 1080p resolution video as well as the latest HD audio formats. Compatible with current standards such as Deep Colour, Lip Sync and xvYCC to perform, as well as being HDCP and DVI compatible.

*Not recommended for use with HDMI cables longer than 3 metres when 3D is going to be run through them. For longer runs an HDMI over CAT5/CAT6 extender is required.

Build Quality – The connectors on the Loops switch and splitter are made from a solid metal alloy for durability and have a 24 carat gold plating. Gold plated connectors provide a better signal transmission and ensure minimal loss of quality. The splitter box has an outer metal case and features a sleek powder coated finish.

Technical - The splitter box synchronizes, equalizes and amplifies to ensure no loss of signal transmission when using long cables (up to 15 metres). There is also an RS232 port on the back of the splitter box which can be used for controlling its functions from a PC or laptop. The HDMI connectors used are type A. Type A is the most commonly used connector and is used in Sky HD Boxes, PS3s and most HD ready plasma and LCD televisions. More than one 2 in 8 out splitter box can be connected together (daisy chained/cascaded) to distribute to more than 8 HD displays at once.

The splitter box works with the following devices: Playstation 3, Blu Ray Disc, HD ready TVs, Sky HD, HD DVD and many more with a standard HDMI connection! The splitter box can also be used DVI-D devices using a cable or adapter, also available from ThatCable.

HDMI ATC compliance-tested, ROHS, CE

More information can be obtained from the manufacturer’s website. ThatCable is an official re-seller of Loops merchandise. We have chosen to make Loops one of our specialist suppliers because of their superior and innovative product range.


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