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Double RJ45 CAT5e Wall Socket/Plate

Double RJ45 CAT5e Wall Socket/Plate
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Overview and uses

Double RJ45 Wall Socket

Used for

- These network outlet faceplates are a perfect fitting for cables that have been run between rooms beneath floors and behind walls. The faceplate is fitted to a standard single back box using the included fixing screws, just like an aerial socket or power outlet. The wires can be attached to the keystone jack at the back of the sockets in just a few minutes, using an IDC termination tool - a small scale technician’s tool for guiding wires into small sockets.

The use of IDC connectors on a keystone jack, means the connector itself actually pierces the wire’s plastic insulation as it is pushed in, doing away with the need for excessive, intricate wire stripping, thus making installation as easy as possible. The colour coding on the side of each keystone jack is an easy alternative to complex wiring diagrams.


- These termination points are finished in hard wearing plastic and feature 8P8C (aka “RJ45”) sockets, the standard connector used for Ethernet cabling, the accepted standard for networking PCs. They use industry standard TIA/EIA-568-A or TIA/EIA-568-B wiring layout, and connect to a standard single back box.


– After running a CAT5 cable between the two points on your wall, strip off a short section of the outer cable insulation and follow the colour coded labels on the socket (see picture) to push each internal wire into the corresponding connection using an IDC tool.


- Depending on the application in which you hope to use it, the socket can be wired in both the ‘straight through’ or ‘cross-over’ configurations.

'Cross over' cables are usually used for connecting 2 computers directly to one another, without the use of a Hub or Router. They use TIA/EIA-568-A wiring at one end, and TIA/EIA-568-B at the other.

'Straight through' cables can be used for connecting a PC or games console to a Hub/Router, or, in conjunction with AV extender devices, for audio and video distribution throughout a home or commercial project. To create a 'Straight through' cable, it should be wired using the same wiring variant at both ends. Either ‘TIA/EIA-568-A to TIA/EIA-568-A’ or ‘TIA/EIA-568-B to TIA/EIA-568-B’

Supplied with 2 keystone RJ-45 modular sockets
Can be used over distances up to 100m/328ft for networking purposes
TIA/EIA-568-A/B UTP wiring layout
IDC termination points
Fits a standard single back box
Fixing screws supplied
Standards - ROHS Compliant and CE Approved

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