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Digital Optical Audio Cable/Lead - SPDIF TosLink

Digital Optical Audio Cable/Lead - SPDIF TosLink
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Overview and uses

TOSlink male to TOSlink Male Cable

What can it be used for?

This optical cable transfers the audio signal between 2 devices. For example, this could be the output from a PS3 to the input of an amplifier. The cable works with all devices that have optical outputs and inputs and use the TOSlink connector.


1. Nitrogen gas injected di-electric vibration absorption insulation around the fiber-optic core ensures there is reduced digital jitter, even over long runs.

2. Graded-index fiber ensures the light refraction within the cable is always at an optimum, there is increased bandwidth and data transfer.

3. Solid brass connectors with a 24k gold plating, well built optical connectors ensure there is always perfect alignment between the fiber-optic ends on the cable and the lens on the piece of equipment you are connecting to. The cable is also supplied with tip protectors so the polished ends remain polished.

4. A 6mm outer diameter flex jacket makes for superior protection of the fiber-optic core. There is also cable strain relief to protect the cable.

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