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Digital Optical 5.1 to RCA Coaxial Converter/Adapter

Digital Optical 5.1 to RCA Coaxial Converter/Adapter
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Overview and uses

Digital Optical (SPDIF) to Coaxial Audio Converter

Technical Specification

What does it do?

The “Optical to Coaxial (RCA) Converter” allows you to run an optical (TOS link) digital audio connection and convert it to an 5.1 (or less) digital coaxial RCA audio connection.

How to use it?

1. Connect your optical (TOS link) device e.g. Sky box to the input of the converter.
2. Connect your coaxial (RCA) device e.g. Amplifier to the output of the converter.
3) Plug the converter into an available power socket.

Why Buy?

1. This “Optical to Coaxial (RCA) Converter” is an easy alternative for connecting equipment together that don't have matching connections.
2. The converter box is small and compact unlike other converter units.
3. Simple “plug in and play” feature.
4. Supplied with power source.

Complete with UK 3 Pin 240v Power Supply (EU and rest of the world customers will require a different power supply)
Power requirements: DC 9V. 100MA
Dimensions: (WxHxD): 45x25x80mm
Colour: Silver

Please note that this converter box must be used as optical to coaxial and will not work the other way around. If you require a converter that goes the other way round, please search through our shop.


CE and RoHS Compliant


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