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Aerial Fly Coax RF Male to Male Cable Lead

Aerial Fly Coax RF Male to Male Cable Lead
Product Code: A700-MM

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Overview and uses

Aerial Male to Aerial Male

What can it be used for:

An aerial cable can be used to transfer the signal from a wall outlet, to a TV screen, freeview box, etc.


1. The conducting cores are made from oxygen free pure copper conductors which further enhance signal quality. High density triple shield and gas injected dielectric insulation around the conducting cores eliminates radio frequency (RF) and Electromagnetic (EM) interference. The dielectric is totally enveloped with 100% aluminum foil and 95% copper braid. The dielectric and the copper braid are supple, yet maintain integrity even after bending and flexing.

2. The 24k gold plated solid brass connectors used with this cable are corrosion resistant, boast a solid metal casing and are precision made.

The aerial cable delivers an intact well balanced signal that has a wider dynamic range and amazing clarity. The connectors have a moulded strain relief which drastically lessens the impact of flexing of the cable.


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