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5 Port Stereo Speaker Splitter - Selector Switch - 100W

5 Port Stereo Speaker Splitter - Selector Switch - 100W
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Overview and uses

1 Input to 5 Output Stereo Speaker Splitter Box

How it works - By connecting an amplifier to the splitter box you can distribute the sound up to 5 sets of stereo speakers. You can switch individual sets of stereo speakers on and off and you can use headphones via the 6.35mm output on the front of the splitter box.

General - This box has a metal outer case, rubber feet on the bottom and becuase the build quality is excellent, it is robust and durable. The dimensions are 260mm x 120mm x 54mm

Maximum power input - This box can be used with amplifiers outputting up to 200 watts. No other power source required.

Resistors - Internal 100ohm resistors ensure the amplifier always sees a load, even with all switches turned off. However, it is good practice to ensure that at least one pair of stereo speakers are switched on before the amplifier is turned on. A progressive switched resistor network ensures that the resistance generated is always equal to that of the speakers, providing that every speaker being used is of the same resistance. For example, speakers that are made by different manufactures may be different resistances and they should not be used together with this device.

What you should know - It is normal to notice a volume drop per speaker when more than one pair of speakers is switched on.


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