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4 Pole Neutrik Speakon Cable - NL4FX To Male

4 Pole Neutrik Speakon Cable - NL4FX To Male
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Overview and uses

SpeakON Cable - Male To Male - 4 Pole Configuration

Technical Specification

Colour - Black Cable & Blue/Grey Connectors

Technical Spec;

2 x 1.5mm2 Conductors
7mm Outer Diameter Cable
Neutrik Branded NL4FX Connectors – 4 Pole
Low-noise, highly flexible cable
Wired; +1, -1

Overview - Specially designed for high current ‘amp to speaker’ applications, SpeakON cables have become an industry standard due to their high quality construction, and their exceptional performance in demanding P.A. or live situations.

Compatibility - Most power amps that have SpeakON outputs use the 4-Pole female connector. This cable has ‘4-Pole’ connectors and carries a single pair of positive and negative conductors. If you wish to connect this cable, to use as a ‘regular’ speaker cable, it will work fine, the 2 unused poles on the female connectors will simply lay dormant until needed. This speaker cable can be used as a standard speaker cable-to connect an amp to a speaker, or to branch off from a multi-speaker setup. It could run from an amp to a speaker, with the intention of chaining another set of speakers on after the first set. Though in situations where this is not necessary, it can be used as a normal speaker cable without issue. Care must be taken when 'daisy chaining', please read the 'further info' section below.

Features - In addition to using low noise highly flexible cable, this cable features branded Neutrik NL4FX connectors* that include a number of useful features, unique to SpeakON.

They lock into the jack with a quarter-twist, and include cable strain relief to prevent damage in the event of a sudden yank. They also have no exposed current-carrying components, making them safe to handle while live, with no risk of electric shock. They also do not short out during connection and disconnection, making them ideal for live, multi-speaker applications, in case of partial failure, speakers can be removed and replaced without risk of damage to other connected equipment. Since interchanging connectors are a main feature of the SpeakON system, the connectors can be removed and replaced with no soldering, the core wires are simply clamped into place with a small screw. These connectors are wired in the standard “+1, -1” configuration, leaving the “+2, -2” poles free to have an external cable wired to them.

Further info - The additional poles on these SpeakON connectors allow speakers to be ‘Daisy Chained’ from a standard amp setup. On a multi-pole connector, a second cable can be wired to the unused contacts, allowing another speaker to be ‘chained’ on to the first, powered by the same amp, without the need to run a separate cable from it. The number of speakers that can be Daisy-Chained together depends on the impedance of your amplifier. Usually no more than 2 speakers can be chained, as most amps are rated at 4-8 ohms. Depending on the resistance of your speakers, if more than 2 are connected, it could cause the resistance to drop below 4 ohms potentially damaging your amp.

Further info - Bi-Amping - SpeakON’s multi-pole design (like featured on this cable) was created with “Multi-Amping” in mind, allowing users to use a collection of different amps (or one amp that can output in a bi-amp format) to drive a collection of speakers. Certain amps are dedicated to reproducing particular frequencies exceptionally well; there are dedicated bass amps, and those that focus on high frequency sound, likewise with speakers.

e.g – A two-amp power stage with separate amps for bass and treble, could be connected to a set of bass speakers with SpeakON’s ‘4-Pole’ cable (so-called because it has an additional pair of electrical contacts on the connector. 4, instead of the usual 2.) These bass speakers could then be connected to a pair of high frequency speakers, using the standard ‘2-Pole’ cable, without having to run another cable directly from the amp.

If you are unsure what cable you require, please feel free to give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

*Since the appearance of numerous ‘counterfeit’ SpeakON connectors online, inventors Neutrik advised consumers that these bogus connectors do not include their patented safety features. Rest assured these are official Neutrik branded connectors.


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