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3.5mm Jack Audio Cable - Plug to Plug

3.5mm Jack Audio Cable - Plug to Plug
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Overview and uses

3.5mm Stereo Plug to 3.5mm Stereo Plug Cable


  • Gold plated connectors - Solid metal alloy with a 24 carat gold plating. These interconnects don’t have a lacquer protection because they do not need it (gold will not tarnish). 24 carat gold achieves better conductivity when lacquer is not in use and provides a better signal with minimal loss of quality.

  • Fully screened cable (shielded) - This prevents interference and reduces noise and crosstalk from other sources that may be situated around the cable. The signal produced is a lot cleaner with fewer defects. By using this cable a purer filtered signal path will be achieved.

  • Durable PVC jacket - This thick jacket helps to protect the cable against wear and tear.

  • Cable strain relief to protect the cable - Enables the cable to be bent in a multitude of directions without breaking, unlike many leads sold by different companies.

  • OFC - Oxygen free pure copper conductors to increase signal quality across the length of the cable.

  • This '3.5mm plug to plug' cable is commonly used to connect 2 devices with a 3.5mm Jack. One of the devices would usually be an output (ipod, mp3 player, laptop) and the other would usually be an input (speakers or amplifier).

    At the moment, this cable is commonly used to plug into the 'AUX input' found in some cars and the headphone socket on an ipod/MP3 player, so it can be played through the car stereo.

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